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Kimble, Kontes and Chase have joined to become an integrated, world-leading resource for scientific laboratory glassware. We focus on tubular glass conversion and paste mould products for analytical and R&D labs in industry, government and education. Our wide selection of products for life sciences and chemistry is now manufactured in seven, strategically located facilities in order to supply the best combination of quality and value.
Founded in July of 2007, Kimble Chase is a joint venture that constitutes the Life Science Research Division of Gerresheimer. Ownership is shared, 51% Gerresheimer and 49% ThermoFisher. We are a global organization with approximately 1,450 employees at seven sites on three continents.


We would like to introduce you four basic areas of our manufactured assortment. You will find extension of items in all production levels, which illustrates a strategy and performance of our company.
The family company TECHNOSKLO, Ltd. constantly develops and innovates its line of products on the basis of continuous identification of the customers' needs. Our highly sophisticated production, own research and development, high-quality marketing and experienced team of highly skilled employees in the production increase the added value of our products.
The certification system DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 is an inseparable part of our production procedures. The quality of all manufactured products is guaranteed thanks to this system. 

The long-term tradition of our company and successful export of our products to more than 80 countries worldwide confirm our professionalism.
We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

 Owners of the Company TECHNOSKLO, Ltd.



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